nis-util  1.0.D108
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lib/ File Reference
#include <lib/ac/string.h>
#include <lib/ac/ctype.h>
#include <lib/ac/errno.h>
#include <lib/ac/stdlib.h>
#include <lib/ac/unistd.h>
#include <libexplain/output.h>
#include <libexplain/program_name.h>
#include <lib/arglex.h>
#include <lib/arglex/source/command_line.h>
#include <lib/arglex/source/file.h>
#include <lib/arglex/source/pushback.h>
#include <lib/configuration.h>
#include <lib/versn_stamp.h>

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static bool is_a_number (const rcstring &text, long &n)


static const char * partial

Function Documentation

static bool is_a_number ( const rcstring text,
long &  n 
) [static]

The is_a_number function is used to determine if the argument is a number.

The value is placed in arglex_value.alv_number as a side effect.

Negative and positive signs are accepted. The C conventions for decimal, octal and hexadecimal are understood.

There may be no white space anywhere in the string, and the string must end after the last digit. Trailing garbage will be interpreted to mean it is not a string.

false if not a number, true if is a number.

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Variable Documentation

const char* partial [static]

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