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space_auto_master_functor_check Class Reference

#include <check.h>

Inheritance diagram for space_auto_master_functor_check:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~space_auto_master_functor_check ()
 space_auto_master_functor_check (const space_auto_master::pointer &context, const space_hosts_slurp::pointer &hosts)

Protected Member Functions

void walk (const space_auto_master_row::pointer &rp)

Private Types

typedef std::list
< space_auto_master_row::pointer

Private Member Functions

void check_for_dumb_place (const space_auto_master_row::pointer &rp)
void check_for_overlap (const space_auto_master_row::pointer &rp)
void check_case (const space_auto_master_row::pointer &rp)
 space_auto_master_functor_check ()
 space_auto_master_functor_check (const space_auto_master_functor_check &rhs)
space_auto_master_functor_checkoperator= (const space_auto_master_functor_check &rhs)

Private Attributes

space_auto_master::pointer context
space_hosts_slurp::pointer hosts
overlap_t overlap
space_auto_master_row::pointer direct_rp
space_auto_master_row::pointer hosts_rp

Detailed Description

The space_auto_master_functor_check class is used to represent the processing required to check and validate an etc/auto.master file.

Definition at line 29 of file check.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The destructor.

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The constructor.

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The default constructor. Do not use.

The copy constructor. Do not use.

rhsThe right hand side of the initialization.

Member Function Documentation

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space_auto_master_functor_check& space_auto_master_functor_check::operator= ( const space_auto_master_functor_check rhs) [private]

The assignment operator. Do not use.

rhsThe right hand side of the assignment.
void space_auto_master_functor_check::walk ( const space_auto_master_row::pointer rp) [protected, virtual]

The walk method is used to process each row.

rpThe row to be considered.

Implements space_auto_master_functor.

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Field Documentation

The context instance variable is used to remember the etc/auto_master instance that we are checking.

Definition at line 53 of file check.h.

Definition at line 67 of file check.h.

Definition at line 55 of file check.h.

Definition at line 69 of file check.h.

Definition at line 61 of file check.h.

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