nis-util  1.0.D108
nis-util-services/ File Reference
#include <lib/output/file.h>
#include <lib/space/services.h>
#include <nis-util-services/map.h>

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void map_by_name (const rcstring &ifn, const rcstring &ofn)
void map_by_servicename (const rcstring &ifn, const rcstring &ofn)

Function Documentation

void map_by_name ( const rcstring input,
const rcstring output 

The map_by_name function is used to convert the ethers file into a form suitable for passing to makedbm to build a NIS map.

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void map_by_servicename ( const rcstring etc_services,
const rcstring output 

The by_servicename function is used to read a services map (like the /etc/services file) and produce a map indexed by service name and service aliases.

etc_servicesthe map source file to be read
outputwhere to write the output.
Despite the name, the -byservicename options means to generate a map indexed by service name and service aliases. The orignal YP authors came up with this brilliant piece of cognitive dissonance, and we are stuck with it.

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